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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tips For Buying Contact Lens

Contact lens is a medical device, a thin lens specially designed to fit over the cornea. It is usually worn to correct vision defects. Several people have resorted to wearing this sometimes fancy contact lens to feel more comfortable over using thick eyeglasses or to do away with any eye operation which could be more costly. But before deciding to buy your own, here are a few tips that you should do to get the best contact lens for the windows to your soul.

A medical opinion is a must! Deciding on whether or not it would be best for you to use contact lens should be drawn from a medical advice. An eye care professional must recommend or advise that you use these devices. Request for an eye examination. In this way, the doctor can be objective with his advice. The shape of your eyes should be determined because there are shapes that cannot hold contact lenses. Secure a prescription as necessary because buying without a prescription will only put you at risk should you have problems with your orders in the future.

Keep yourself up to date! Check if you have a valid or current prescription otherwise retailers will not honor your order. Over-the-counter purchases in the absence of a prescription are a violation of FTC regulations and cannot protect you as well when complaints should arise. Your prescription must be complete and must not be expired. Double check expiration dates on the product; expired contact lens could only damage your delicate eyes.

Gather information. As always is the case, being informed yields to a more satisfying decision. Know the range of prices and how much you are willing to pay for. There are contact lenses that are expensive and may not give value for your purchase. Verify with the sales personnel that your order is approved by FDA. That's one way of getting value for your purchase. If your insurance can cover this expense, that would be a better way to put it through.

Check availability! You should know if your orders are available because you will need to wear them once your doctor advised you need to get one. If in the future you also need to use the same type and your recent lens have been worn out then, you can readily check its availability.

Advancements have made contact lens for longer use. Check the type of contact lens that you will need if you have to wear it for a long time or if you want to put it overnight.

There are numerous means to buy. Check how much time you have to do all the decision making and buying processes. Choose whatever is most convenient for you. Remember though that your eyes are very delicate and taking care of it requires utmost care and attention. Take some time to do your homework and avoid any regrets later on. Your eyes are so much worth your time. Ordering has become so much easy these days. Go online and check your options. You can even have them right at your doorstep!

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Discounted Contact Lens, Are They A Good Deal

You may have noticed that contact lenses are cultural mainstream becoming more than just a way to correct your vision problems. People are beginning to realize just how cost effective and beneficial contact lenses can be compared to eye glasses.

Also, disposable contact lens has gained in popularity because it promises a more hygienic means of maintenance. However, disposable lenses have to be replaced regularly and so constant lens replacement purchases have to be made. This is why the demand for them have found their way into the consumer market. At relatively low prices, different types of contact lens can now be availed by consumers. In addition, what many people do not know is that discounted contacts are also offered in well-known top brands at a more affordable cost.

But in ordering the discounted contact lenses,there are many important factors which you must consider first:

1. Value and Quality - Price should not be the only thing you have to be concerned with when searching for low priced contacts. Since you are placing these devices against your eye you should make sure that quality is not compromised. Consider the means in which the on line shop or the retailer conducts business with you. Take note of all the details of the product which is made affordable for you. Look at its compatibility with your prescription and the manufacturing date as well. In addition, you should also look keenly on its presentation upon receipt of the product and contact your seller if in case you are doubtful of its appearance.

2. Comparison of Prices - Remember not to zero in immediately on the first low priced lenses you find just because you've been amazed at how cheap they are compared to the original price. Take your time and do a good job of researching features as well as price. There are plenty of other contact lenses which are also affordable at discounted prices. Again compare all options first before you make a final decision.

3. Convenience of Ordering - Probably the easiest way to purchase discounted contacts is from an on line websites. Although these lenses are quite affordable, make sure that you do not have any other exorbitant fees to shoulder (ex. Shipping, taxes, etc.). You might feel you're getting a great deal but once the order comes in, you might be shocked by higher expenses than you would have if you just purchased your pair at a regular nearby optical products store.

There are plenty of varieties of contact lenses available at a discounted price. If you're looking for an affordable lenses for fashion purposes, for costume, or for fun, these contact lenses are also available at greatly reduced prices. If you're looking for a pair which can provide you with specialized corrective care, you may have to spend more time searching for the best deal. Make you initial order small to make sure that your new lenses are compatible and meet your needs. Many discount lens on line retailers have minimum orders. If this is the case send the company an emai and ask for a special order to test their product. If they will not accomadate you then you should look elsewhere another vendor. Once you find a good lens vendor then all you have to do is consider all the best options and choose the discounted lenses which fit your prescription and needs.

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Create An Illusion With Glow In The Dark Contact Lens

Glow in the dark contact lens is also now available in the market. They are an innovation when it comes to special effect contact lens.

The usual type of contact lens just either help enhance the eye?s natural color or bring it out with the use of other eye colors. Some can also create illusions with the use of extraordinary colors such as yellow and red. Some go as far as placing shapes on contact lenses to create the illusion of a magical pupil or something otherworldly. However, glow in the dark contact lens put all those innovation into a whole new level.

The glow in the dark contact lens is generally used for theatrical purposes. Those who wanted to create a spookier costume presentation for Halloween would also benefit a lot from using glow in the dark contact lens. Once worn, it definitely calls for attention and therefore produces a lot of audience impact.

These contact lenses can be further customized to illuminate different images in the lens itself to make them more unique. It can also be built within shapes to create a more awesome look. No matter how innovating the designs or shapes maybe, they can still amaze those people who have tried them on. The only thing the wearer should keep in mind is that it must be relative dark in order to see the full effects to the glowing lens.

So what?s the trick behind that glow in the dark look? This type of contact lens makes use of luminescent material which is safely placed on its surface. However, in choosing a lens with specifications like this, it is important to look at its accreditation. It is highly advisable to use only those which colors are approved by the FDA. Make sure your eye doctor gives his or her approval before trying on an unknown brand of specialty contact lenses.

In addition, this type of lens should also be purchased with proper prescription. It is important to consult a licensed optometrist first before availing one. As soon as you get an approval to wear a theatrical contact lens, the next important thing to do is find a reliable contact lens seller. This is important so that the quality of lens is ensured. Also, it?s very appropriate to buy only those which have proven their name over the years since there?s additional material being placed on this lens? surface which is not a simple process.

Some brands of glowing contact lenses are not recommended to be worn while driving at night. Apparently the glare of oncoming vehicle headlights have cause some people to have vision problems. Again talk to your eye doctor if you have any questions as any possible limitations that may be involved with wearing theatrical contact lenses.

It is strongly recommended that this type of contact lens should be used by only one wearer. This is not intended for borrowing because that would be very unhygienic and potentially dangerous to the eyes. Your Glow in the dark contact lens should also be taken cared of and cleaned just like any normal contact lenses. Failure to do so may lead to serious consequences.

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Safety Checklist On Contact Lenses

The eye is a very sensitive part of the body so optimum care should be exercised in looking out for them. Glasses were made to protect the eyes and to provide those with already blurry vision, a way for them to gain their vision back. However, glasses can become awkward and quite cumbersome for some people particularly for those individuals who are into sports and other dynamic activities. To answer this, contact lenses were born. Contact lenses benefit the vision but if the user becomes careless and unhygienic in using them, contact lenses could very well be the source of eye infections. That is why it is important that users should be well informed about the right way to use, clean, disinfect, store and replace their contact lenses when it is scheduled to do so. Here are a few quick tips to ensure that your lenses are in clean and good.

Like what mother always tells you to wash your hands before eating, it just as important that you wash your hands thoroughly and rinse them well before you touch or handle your contact lenses. Apply and remove your contact lenses one at a time to avoid mix ups. It is advisable to apply or remove them in the same order so you will not get confused which goes which. Make it a habit to clean, rinse and disinfect your contact lenses after you remove them, do this every single time. Keep soap, moisturizers, makeup, sunscreen and other cosmetics away from your lenses. You may keep them safely protected in a lens case which you should also clean and wash on a regular basis. The lens case should be replaced frequently, every three months or so.

Your optometrist should be able to advise and recommend to you the right eye solutions or drops for your lenses. Never use one that is not prescribed as this could cause harm to your lenses and to your eyes. Do not let your fingers, lenses, eyes or any surface touch the tip of the bottle of the solution. Keep the solution in tightly capped bottles and in a safe, dry place when they are not in use. Check the expiry date of the solution and take note. Expired solutions can be harmful and dangerous. Never use these. If you had hoped to save money by reusing your lens solutions then think again. Reusing them could cause you more injury than you think. The money you are going to be spending on treating your infected eyes is potentially more than what the savings you thought you had.

While it may be a good idea to swap your contact lens with your friend or other family members, your answer to this request should be a definite never. Fumes and vapors like hairspray, paint, oven cleaners, pesticides and such can be quite irritating to your lenses and to your eyes when you are wearing them. That is why it is advisable that you should not wear your lenses when you are around these vapors. If going for a swim or for a bath in the tub, make sure to take off those lenses. Last of all, say goodnight to your contact lenses and take them off before drifting off to dreamland.

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All About Novelty Contact Lenses

Every Halloween almost every child is on a frenzy on trying to find themselves that scary hollow's eve costume that yearns to receive oohs and aahs from spectators and possibly scary enough to get them that extra handful of candies as they knock on doors and shout "trick or treat!" Choosing a Halloween costume may be a big deal for a number of people who want to wear the best there is every year. A few of the more popular Halloween outfits include that of the famous Count Dracula, Catwoman, a witch or even the devil himself. With all the intricacies of the attire and the make up, somehow, the effect is much more recognized and admired if you have novelty contact lenses on.

Novelty contact lenses have grown popular among users these days. Available in all kinds of designs which include among others cats eye, eyes of a zebra or a jaguar, eyes which look like wildfire or red hot or seem as cool as ice, eyes that seem to draw you in and hypnotize, eyes that have no white dot in them and conversely, eyes that are white instead of black. Novelty contact lenses are out of the ordinary so you are always bound to get the attention you want when you are wearing them.

As fun as they may look, getting yourself a novelty contact lens is not one to be casual about. Although novelty contact lenses may not change or affect your vision, it is still important that you go and visit your optometrist. One size does not fit all when it comes to contact lenses, so your optometrist should be able to advise you if your eyes are compatible enough to wear novelty contact lenses and what size or type are best suited for you. This step is very essential especially for first time users as the optometrist is the best resource person to teach how to choose and purchase contact lenses that are safe for you and teach you how to insert them into your eyes, how to clean them and how to ensure that they are in good condition.

Purchasing novelty contact lenses is made easier now through the internet where there are a lot of online shops available. However, before getting out your wallet, you should always make sure that the novelty contact lenses which you have set your eyes on has passed the manufacturing standards and the quality controls that is set up by the government. Check the label for a guarantee that sterile materials were used and it is also important that instructions for safe usage are enclosed.

It is a big no-no to share your contact lenses. In so doing, there is a great risk for serious eye infection which can further lead to loss of vision. Using your saliva is by no means allowed when it comes to wetting your lenses. It may seem convenient at the time but the result would be maximum inconvenience if you should get an infection. Clean and disinfect your lenses regularly; that is with every use. Ask your optometrist for a recommended cleaning as well as lubricating solution.

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Are Contact Lenses For You?

In the good old days, when your vision seems to blur and you can't see clearly, the thing to do is to visit your optometrist and get yourself a good pair of glasses. People with vision problems are then subjected to a life of seeing the world under horn rimmed glasses. A lot of people are not so fond of wearing glasses as the latter can give you a kind of nerdy look or perhaps make you look older like the old maid that lives next door; not such a pretty sight to behold. The thing why glasses are not very much associated with beauty because it hides the one facet of a person that shows a window to his soul, to his inner beauty and that is the eyes. With glasses being a beauty blunder, it is fortunate that someone brilliant has found a way to get around it and introduced to the world contact lenses.

At present there are now more than 70 million wearers of contact lenses all around the globe. At first, a lot of people have been hesitant to wear one as it is quite scary to place something on your eye. However as time progresses, contact lenses have been designed to provide the optimum comfort possible for all its users. Optimal fitting is guaranteed with the help of an optometrist in choosing your contact lenses as these professionals have studied and are skilled to provide you the information you would need from the moment you purchase your first pair of lenses and to teach you on how to use them, to clean them and to maintain the good condition of your contact lenses. It is imperative that you are informed on the risk of eye infections and on how to avoid them. Contact lenses are not only a thing for beauty as previously mentioned but they also give people the ease and convenience that glasses do not provide. Glasses can be quite bulky and awkward. Imagine having to always have to carry a weight on your ears, not to mention having an object that slides on your nose when you lean your face forward. This is especially true for people who live an active lifestyle or for those individuals whose work and other activities are in an environment where it is not recommended to use glasses. Think of those divers or lifeguards or athletes who have to sport glasses in performing their day to day activities.

Contact lenses were intended to replace glasses and so can give its users the same advantage as glasses and that is vision that is close to the real thing. A lot of contact lenses are made to provide peripheral vision that can be used in sports, in driving and other activities.

Going back to beauty and vanity, contact lenses are also for those who have long yearned to change the color of their eyes. Contact lens has made it possible for a brown eyed girl to get to show off blue ones whenever she feels like it. With contact lenses the possibilities of sporting a different eye color are limitless. Available are shades of hazels, greens, blues and there are even fun novelty contact lenses to choose from.

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Contact Lens Options for Your Pediatric Patients

Pediatric patients are some of the most special patients we see in any practice. When infants present for contact lenses, we all know it is a medical necessity.

The practitioners at my practice believe that contact lenses should not be any more of a burden on the parents than they have to be. And let’s face it, inserting and removing lenses on an infant or a toddler is not an easy task for most.

Regardless, every parent or caregiver is instructed on the insertion and removal of their child’s contact lens. Despite our best efforts, some parents are still hesitant to perform this task at home. In these cases, the child is fit with an extended wear lens made of either soft silicone or an approved gas permeable material. We love watching these kids grow, so we have the parents bring in their child on prescribed schedule to have the lens removed, cleaned, and re-inserted.

Many of the children who have worn lenses in this modality are growing up with superb vision. Some are learning to insert and remove their own lenses as early as age 4! Close monitoring by both the contact lens fitters and the referring doctor leads to happy and successful patients.

Steve Cogger helps thousands of contact lenses wearers find the perfect lens for their eyes at his busy New York practice. For more consumer information and education, visit the informative website,

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