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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

All About Novelty Contact Lenses

Every Halloween almost every child is on a frenzy on trying to find themselves that scary hollow's eve costume that yearns to receive oohs and aahs from spectators and possibly scary enough to get them that extra handful of candies as they knock on doors and shout "trick or treat!" Choosing a Halloween costume may be a big deal for a number of people who want to wear the best there is every year. A few of the more popular Halloween outfits include that of the famous Count Dracula, Catwoman, a witch or even the devil himself. With all the intricacies of the attire and the make up, somehow, the effect is much more recognized and admired if you have novelty contact lenses on.

Novelty contact lenses have grown popular among users these days. Available in all kinds of designs which include among others cats eye, eyes of a zebra or a jaguar, eyes which look like wildfire or red hot or seem as cool as ice, eyes that seem to draw you in and hypnotize, eyes that have no white dot in them and conversely, eyes that are white instead of black. Novelty contact lenses are out of the ordinary so you are always bound to get the attention you want when you are wearing them.

As fun as they may look, getting yourself a novelty contact lens is not one to be casual about. Although novelty contact lenses may not change or affect your vision, it is still important that you go and visit your optometrist. One size does not fit all when it comes to contact lenses, so your optometrist should be able to advise you if your eyes are compatible enough to wear novelty contact lenses and what size or type are best suited for you. This step is very essential especially for first time users as the optometrist is the best resource person to teach how to choose and purchase contact lenses that are safe for you and teach you how to insert them into your eyes, how to clean them and how to ensure that they are in good condition.

Purchasing novelty contact lenses is made easier now through the internet where there are a lot of online shops available. However, before getting out your wallet, you should always make sure that the novelty contact lenses which you have set your eyes on has passed the manufacturing standards and the quality controls that is set up by the government. Check the label for a guarantee that sterile materials were used and it is also important that instructions for safe usage are enclosed.

It is a big no-no to share your contact lenses. In so doing, there is a great risk for serious eye infection which can further lead to loss of vision. Using your saliva is by no means allowed when it comes to wetting your lenses. It may seem convenient at the time but the result would be maximum inconvenience if you should get an infection. Clean and disinfect your lenses regularly; that is with every use. Ask your optometrist for a recommended cleaning as well as lubricating solution.

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