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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Are Contact Lenses For You?

In the good old days, when your vision seems to blur and you can't see clearly, the thing to do is to visit your optometrist and get yourself a good pair of glasses. People with vision problems are then subjected to a life of seeing the world under horn rimmed glasses. A lot of people are not so fond of wearing glasses as the latter can give you a kind of nerdy look or perhaps make you look older like the old maid that lives next door; not such a pretty sight to behold. The thing why glasses are not very much associated with beauty because it hides the one facet of a person that shows a window to his soul, to his inner beauty and that is the eyes. With glasses being a beauty blunder, it is fortunate that someone brilliant has found a way to get around it and introduced to the world contact lenses.

At present there are now more than 70 million wearers of contact lenses all around the globe. At first, a lot of people have been hesitant to wear one as it is quite scary to place something on your eye. However as time progresses, contact lenses have been designed to provide the optimum comfort possible for all its users. Optimal fitting is guaranteed with the help of an optometrist in choosing your contact lenses as these professionals have studied and are skilled to provide you the information you would need from the moment you purchase your first pair of lenses and to teach you on how to use them, to clean them and to maintain the good condition of your contact lenses. It is imperative that you are informed on the risk of eye infections and on how to avoid them. Contact lenses are not only a thing for beauty as previously mentioned but they also give people the ease and convenience that glasses do not provide. Glasses can be quite bulky and awkward. Imagine having to always have to carry a weight on your ears, not to mention having an object that slides on your nose when you lean your face forward. This is especially true for people who live an active lifestyle or for those individuals whose work and other activities are in an environment where it is not recommended to use glasses. Think of those divers or lifeguards or athletes who have to sport glasses in performing their day to day activities.

Contact lenses were intended to replace glasses and so can give its users the same advantage as glasses and that is vision that is close to the real thing. A lot of contact lenses are made to provide peripheral vision that can be used in sports, in driving and other activities.

Going back to beauty and vanity, contact lenses are also for those who have long yearned to change the color of their eyes. Contact lens has made it possible for a brown eyed girl to get to show off blue ones whenever she feels like it. With contact lenses the possibilities of sporting a different eye color are limitless. Available are shades of hazels, greens, blues and there are even fun novelty contact lenses to choose from.

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