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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Contact Lens Options for Your Pediatric Patients

Pediatric patients are some of the most special patients we see in any practice. When infants present for contact lenses, we all know it is a medical necessity.

The practitioners at my practice believe that contact lenses should not be any more of a burden on the parents than they have to be. And let’s face it, inserting and removing lenses on an infant or a toddler is not an easy task for most.

Regardless, every parent or caregiver is instructed on the insertion and removal of their child’s contact lens. Despite our best efforts, some parents are still hesitant to perform this task at home. In these cases, the child is fit with an extended wear lens made of either soft silicone or an approved gas permeable material. We love watching these kids grow, so we have the parents bring in their child on prescribed schedule to have the lens removed, cleaned, and re-inserted.

Many of the children who have worn lenses in this modality are growing up with superb vision. Some are learning to insert and remove their own lenses as early as age 4! Close monitoring by both the contact lens fitters and the referring doctor leads to happy and successful patients.

Steve Cogger helps thousands of contact lenses wearers find the perfect lens for their eyes at his busy New York practice. For more consumer information and education, visit the informative website,

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