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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Create An Illusion With Glow In The Dark Contact Lens

Glow in the dark contact lens is also now available in the market. They are an innovation when it comes to special effect contact lens.

The usual type of contact lens just either help enhance the eye?s natural color or bring it out with the use of other eye colors. Some can also create illusions with the use of extraordinary colors such as yellow and red. Some go as far as placing shapes on contact lenses to create the illusion of a magical pupil or something otherworldly. However, glow in the dark contact lens put all those innovation into a whole new level.

The glow in the dark contact lens is generally used for theatrical purposes. Those who wanted to create a spookier costume presentation for Halloween would also benefit a lot from using glow in the dark contact lens. Once worn, it definitely calls for attention and therefore produces a lot of audience impact.

These contact lenses can be further customized to illuminate different images in the lens itself to make them more unique. It can also be built within shapes to create a more awesome look. No matter how innovating the designs or shapes maybe, they can still amaze those people who have tried them on. The only thing the wearer should keep in mind is that it must be relative dark in order to see the full effects to the glowing lens.

So what?s the trick behind that glow in the dark look? This type of contact lens makes use of luminescent material which is safely placed on its surface. However, in choosing a lens with specifications like this, it is important to look at its accreditation. It is highly advisable to use only those which colors are approved by the FDA. Make sure your eye doctor gives his or her approval before trying on an unknown brand of specialty contact lenses.

In addition, this type of lens should also be purchased with proper prescription. It is important to consult a licensed optometrist first before availing one. As soon as you get an approval to wear a theatrical contact lens, the next important thing to do is find a reliable contact lens seller. This is important so that the quality of lens is ensured. Also, it?s very appropriate to buy only those which have proven their name over the years since there?s additional material being placed on this lens? surface which is not a simple process.

Some brands of glowing contact lenses are not recommended to be worn while driving at night. Apparently the glare of oncoming vehicle headlights have cause some people to have vision problems. Again talk to your eye doctor if you have any questions as any possible limitations that may be involved with wearing theatrical contact lenses.

It is strongly recommended that this type of contact lens should be used by only one wearer. This is not intended for borrowing because that would be very unhygienic and potentially dangerous to the eyes. Your Glow in the dark contact lens should also be taken cared of and cleaned just like any normal contact lenses. Failure to do so may lead to serious consequences.

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