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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Safety Checklist On Contact Lenses

The eye is a very sensitive part of the body so optimum care should be exercised in looking out for them. Glasses were made to protect the eyes and to provide those with already blurry vision, a way for them to gain their vision back. However, glasses can become awkward and quite cumbersome for some people particularly for those individuals who are into sports and other dynamic activities. To answer this, contact lenses were born. Contact lenses benefit the vision but if the user becomes careless and unhygienic in using them, contact lenses could very well be the source of eye infections. That is why it is important that users should be well informed about the right way to use, clean, disinfect, store and replace their contact lenses when it is scheduled to do so. Here are a few quick tips to ensure that your lenses are in clean and good.

Like what mother always tells you to wash your hands before eating, it just as important that you wash your hands thoroughly and rinse them well before you touch or handle your contact lenses. Apply and remove your contact lenses one at a time to avoid mix ups. It is advisable to apply or remove them in the same order so you will not get confused which goes which. Make it a habit to clean, rinse and disinfect your contact lenses after you remove them, do this every single time. Keep soap, moisturizers, makeup, sunscreen and other cosmetics away from your lenses. You may keep them safely protected in a lens case which you should also clean and wash on a regular basis. The lens case should be replaced frequently, every three months or so.

Your optometrist should be able to advise and recommend to you the right eye solutions or drops for your lenses. Never use one that is not prescribed as this could cause harm to your lenses and to your eyes. Do not let your fingers, lenses, eyes or any surface touch the tip of the bottle of the solution. Keep the solution in tightly capped bottles and in a safe, dry place when they are not in use. Check the expiry date of the solution and take note. Expired solutions can be harmful and dangerous. Never use these. If you had hoped to save money by reusing your lens solutions then think again. Reusing them could cause you more injury than you think. The money you are going to be spending on treating your infected eyes is potentially more than what the savings you thought you had.

While it may be a good idea to swap your contact lens with your friend or other family members, your answer to this request should be a definite never. Fumes and vapors like hairspray, paint, oven cleaners, pesticides and such can be quite irritating to your lenses and to your eyes when you are wearing them. That is why it is advisable that you should not wear your lenses when you are around these vapors. If going for a swim or for a bath in the tub, make sure to take off those lenses. Last of all, say goodnight to your contact lenses and take them off before drifting off to dreamland.

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